Can you move a barrel sauna? Yes! Now let's answer all the FAQs

Q. Can you move a barrel sauna?

The great design aspect of our barrel saunas is that you can move them anytime! Just like you are able to assemble them easily so too can you unassemble and move them to a new location. This is a great design feature if you are thinking you might want to move at some stage but want to bring your amazing sauna with you!

Q. What is the warranty?

Each Heavenly Sauna comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects on all components through Almost Heaven Saunas. 

Q. How do I decide where to place my indoor sauna?

Your indoor sauna can go on almost any surface — concrete, tile, laminate, etc. We do not recommend placing it on carpet.

Q. How do I decide where to place my outdoor barrel sauna?

Two rules: firm and flat (a slight taper for run-off is fine). You can place your sauna on a deck, concrete, paved stones, pressed gravel, etc. Our barrel saunas come with a moulded cradle supports that protect the sauna from moisture when it is placed directly on the ground.

Q. How do I treat the exterior of my outdoor barrel sauna?

You really don’t have to treat it. Over time the Western Red Cedar will weather naturally as a result of sun and rain, but this doesn’t harm the wood or impair the sauna’s performance. But if you wish to retain the natural colour of the wood, you can apply a stain with a UV inhibitor that resists weathering. Your local paint professional can help you pick the right one. Note: never treat the interior of the room, and never apply paint or varnish to the exterior.

Q. Can an outdoor barrel sauna go indoors?

Yes. Our barrel saunas are designed with the outdoors in mind; the barrel shape sheds water and moisture, and the Western Red Cedar is weather-resistant. But it works equally as well indoors as it does outdoors.

Q. What sort of ongoing maintenance is required?

Very little, actually. If you purchased an outdoor barrel sauna, you may need to tighten the bands or add additional filler staves after a period of time, usually within the first few months. Depending on the humidity and weather conditions in your area, the wood will either shrink or expand based on the amount of moisture absorption. The desired effect is to have the wood expand into the bands. To keep the inside clean, you can periodically scrub the floor or benches with a mild solution of water and baking soda.

Q. What sort of electrical service is required?

If you are not a licensed electrician who knows how to do wiring according to local electrical codes, please hire one. He or she will have to hard-wire the heater to an electrical source. 

Q. How long will it take to heat up?

How hot or cold is it where you live, on average? The time it takes a sauna to heat up is contingent upon the ambient temperature surrounding the sauna. So if you have an outdoor sauna and you live in a northern climate and it’s the dead of winter, give your sauna a little more time to heat up.

Furthermore, some people like their sauna hot and some like it blazing, and that’s a factor that will influence heat-up time too. However, as a rule of thumb, you can start enjoying the heat of you sauna within 30 minutes of turning it on.

Q. What are the operational costs?

The unit operates on an efficient 240v heater and draws approximately 32 -40 amps of power depending on which KW heater is required. 

Furthermore, it only draws power when you use it. You turn on the heater, let it get nice and hot, use the sauna, and then shut off the heater when you’re finished. As a result, the operational costs are negligible under normal use, much like the cost of a clothes dryer or electric oven.

Q. How difficult is assembly?

You’re the one in charge of assembling your new sauna, although we do a lot of pre-assembly ahead of time. All of the panel, ceiling, bench and end sections are pre-assembled at the factory, and all of the holes are pre-drilled for your convenience. 

Generally two or three people can put a sauna together in just a handful of hours, so grab someone you love and have fun bonding over the building of your new sauna. Or we can arrange a professional assembly team to have it completed for you.

Q. What’s included with each sauna kit?

Every Heavenly Sauna package comes with all the pieces you need to assemble your sauna room, a heater, stones, and light.

Q. Why is a traditional sauna experience considered good for your health?

Any health benefits attributed to sauna usage are linked to the fact that sauna rooms get hot. These benefits include improved circulation, lower blood pressure, enhanced immune system, improved mental health, respiratory relief, detoxification, burned calories, better skin tone, and joint and muscle pain relief. Health Benefits of sauna.

Q. How do you take a sauna?

Taking a sauna is traditionally a rotation of dry, wet, dry, wet, etc. with cool-down breaks in between. A cool-down break can be anything as basic as sitting outside the sauna until you’re ready to enter again or it can be something fun like jumping in and out of your swimming pool or spa. However, sitting in the sauna for an extended period of time with no breaks is not recommended. 

The rest is up to you. Some say that the rule of thumb for sauna usage is whatever makes you comfortable. The moment it ceases to be comfortable, it ceases to be the proper way to take a sauna.

Q. What is a sauna?

Frequently Asked Questions

A sauna is a room made from softwood and that incorporates a heater â€” either electric or wood-burning.

An average healthy individual can tolerate that kind of heat because it is a dry environment with extremely low humidity. This is called a dry sauna experience. However, one other integral traditional sauna component is sauna stones. These are placed in or on the heater, and when they’re good and hot, you sprinkle some water on them to create a burst of steam. This is called a wet sauna experience because it generates humidity. So to summarise, a sauna is a wooden room with an exceptional heater that is capable of producing either dry or wet heat.

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