Heavenly Sauna Australia is so excited to offer high quality sauna for sale throughout Australia. These saunas are made from premium grade Western Red Cedar sustainably sourced from British Columbia and made in the USA. Coupled with the renowned Harvia brand heater these outstanding outdoor and indoor saunas are a beautiful and healthy addition to your lifestyle.

Our wonderful sauna for sale range can be enjoyed in your own home or at your favourite retreat location – or if you can – why not both!! They can go anywhere as they are built on site and come pre-fabricated for self-assembly – or you can get some assistance to build them if you think you need it.

These are traditional saunas that combine an electrical heater and traditional sauna stones. But you can also upgrade to an amazing woodfired option – if you really want to enjoy a ‘traditional’ sauna experience. You can have a dry sauna or make it a wet one just by adding water to the high quality Harvia sauna stones that come with every sauna for sale purchased through Heavenly Saunas.

When you purchase one of our traditional high quality saunas the package includes the British Columbia Western Red Cedar, the Harvia Electric Heater, Sauna Bucket with Ladle and a thermometer. We also offer phone assistance to guide you through the assembly process should you need this at any time.

Having regular saunas is just around the corner, and there is a reason why so many clients choose to have a Heavenly Sauna for their home or retreat use – they are simply stunning! They are high quality, and the team at Heavenly Saunas is there to assist you throughout the process of selecting your amazing sauna right through to when you hop in it daily.

That is why when people think of sauna for sale in Australia – they first think of Heavenly Saunas Australia.

How much does it cost to run a sauna

Depending on your electricity supplier it will cost approximately 45-55 cents (AU) per hour to run your sauna. The sauna will only draw power when you use it. You turn on the heater, allow it time to heat up, use the sauna, and then set your timer for the required period and it will automatically turn off.

Can the sauna go indoor and outdoor?

Our sauna range is designed with the outdoors in mind; the barrel shape sheds water and moisture, and the British Columbian Western Red Cedar is a weather resistant timber. But many clients have put them indoors - - even in bedrooms – so it is up to you where you get to enjoy your sauna therapy.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When I buy a sauna, what is included?

    • All saunas purchased come with the actual sauna itself!! With spare staves (timber slates to make the sauna).
    • A Harvia Heater
    • Sauna Accessory Starter Kit – Bucket, Ladle and thermometer
    • Harvia High Quality 10-15cm Sauna Stones
    • You can also purchase additional sauna accessories like Sauna Blends, Sandglass Timers or other styles of buckets, ladles and thermometers

    What is needed to get the sauna up and running?

    Electricity is required and it must have its own circuit breaker.  Your electrician will need to hard-wire the heater back to your switchboard– just like an air conditioner unit or your conventional oven. The sauna will require 240v power with the 4.5kw and 6.0kw Harvia heater requiring a 32-amp and the 8kw 40- amp breaker. No plumbing is required.

    How long does it take to heat the sauna? 

    Once you turn the heater on – it will start to heat immediately. You can start to enjoy the sauna and heat up with it at about 20 minutes but as a rule of thumb, the heater elements will reach full heat at around 45-50 mins. You can increase the intensity of heat by adding water to the stones. You should note that the time it takes a sauna to heat up is contingent upon the ambient temperature surrounding the sauna.

      Where is the best place to put the sauna?

      Things to consider is basically two rules: firm and flat is ideal for your sauna location. You can place your sauna on a deck, concrete, paved stones, pressed gravel, etc. Our barrel saunas come with high grade ergonomically moulded cradle supports that protect the sauna from moisture when it is placed directly on the ground.

        What is the best way to look after the exterior?

        You don’t really have to do anything or treat the sauna. Over time the Western Red Cedar will weather naturally as a result of sun and rain, but this doesn’t harm the wood or impair the sauna’s performance. If you wish to retain the natural colour of the wood, you can apply a stain with a UV inhibitor that resists weathering. Note: never treat the interior of the room, and never apply paint or varnish to the exterior. You can also consider purchasing a marine grade quality rain coat to assist with the protection of the sauna.

        How do I keep my sauna looking great?

        If you purchased an outdoor sauna, you may need to tighten the bands or add additional filler staves after a period of time, usually within the first few months. Extra staves are provided with your sauna.  Depending on the humidity and weather conditions in your area, the wood will either shrink or expand based on the amount of moisture absorption. The desired effect is to have the wood expand into the bands. To keep the inside clean, you can periodically scrub the floor or benches with a mild solution of water and baking soda

          Can I assemble the sauna?

          Assembling your new sauna is very easy to do and you will have an assembly manual to take you through this. Or you can view the following link to assist.

          It is made easy due to the clever pre-assembly already provided when you get your sauna. All the panel, ceiling, bench and end sections are pre-assembled at the factory, and all of the holes are predrilled for easy assembly. Generally two or three people can put a sauna together in approximately 5-7 hours. Heavenly Saunas offers an interactive phone service that you have free access to at the time you decide to assemble your unit.

            Included with the purchase of every Cedar Barrel Sauna.

            Complimentary Accessories

            Bucket, Ladle & Thermometer

            Glass Door

            Weather Resistant

            Plastic Support


            Horizontal Slat 

            Bench Design

            Conditionally approved within seconds

            It’s fast & easy!

            A simple, affordable, payment plan solution that enables you to turn your sauna dreams into reality today and pay over time – that’s handy!

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