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What to Look for When Buying a Barrel Sauna

Buying a barrel sauna, like other big investments, needs careful planning. When it comes to what to look for when buying a barrel sauna, there are a few key things to consider to ensure you get a quality product that will last for years to come.

Let’s dive in!

The unique round shape of a barrel sauna has a purpose.

Beyond the beautiful aesthetics, the design helps distribute heat effectively. Unlike traditional box-shaped saunas, the circular layout ensures that the heat circulates evenly, enveloping you in a cocoon of soothing warmth from every angle.

It’s why the Heavenly Team loves this type of sauna!

    Why Choose a Barrel Sauna?

    Barrel Sauna Melbourne

    What to Consider When Buying a Barrel Sauna

    Let’s now talk about what you need to consider when buying a Barrel Sauna.

    We’ve intentionally started with the quality of materials.

      Special Considerations

      When figuring out the right heater size for your sauna, there are a few special factors to keep in mind. These can influence how much power you'll actually need.

      Quality Materials

      When it comes to the foundation of your relaxation haven, quality materials play a pivotal role in shaping both the aesthetics and functionality of your barrel sauna.

      Our Barrel Saunas are made from Western Red Cedar. We purposely chose to offer these barrel saunas because of the quality of the timber. Not only does the timber radiate natural beauty with a cedar aroma as well as resisting moisture and decay, it also stands the test of time and standing the test of time is super important.

      Also, our preference is for a barrel sauna with no finger joins.

      You want full-length timber boards as a full length board is what helps reinforce the structure really well. This is what will help your sauna last longer than cheaper saunas on the market. And no finger join also means no toxic glue.

      We encourage you to keep in mind that a more robust framework, although a higher outlay to start, actually means more value for your investment.


      The heater is what breathes life into your wooden retreat. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 4.5kw, 6kw, or 8kw stainless steel Harvia heater as long as it aligns with the size of your sauna and your personal heat preferences.

      You want a space that can meet your warm needs. It’s more than just temperature control, it's also about your comfort and well-being.

      Heavenly Saunas offer a barrel sauna package that includes the right sauna heater for your selected barrel sauna - so you know you are getting the right size for your chosen barrel sauna.

        Sauna Stones

        Don't underestimate sauna stones when buying a barrel-type sauna. These aren’t just rocks. In fact, they’re what give you that blissful löyly (sauna steam).

        Opt for high-quality sauna stones to generate steam as you like. For our sauna experience, we love infusing our sessions with a rejuvenating mist that invigorates both body and soul. And carefully picking out these stones can really help.

        They're the conduits through which the spirit of the sauna flows, inviting you to immerse yourself in a tradition that dates back centuries.

        Design Features

        Now let’s get into the design. It’s often overlooked but this part is essential to consider. Look for features that not only enhance the aesthetics but also elevate the sauna’s functionality.

        Minimal Fasteners

        The beauty of a barrel sauna lies not just in its appearance but in its ability to maximise heat circulation through its smooth, curved walls. By opting for a design with minimal fasteners, you’re allowing just that.

        Support Cradles

        To keep your sauna high and dry, look for polymer support cradles that prevent direct contact with ground moisture. These cradles protect the structure from potential damage and rotting. It helps the barrel retain its form and function for a long time.

          Glass Door and Weather Resistance

          We love glass doors! A glass door is a stylish addition to a sauna. You can look inside and out on your serene retreat.

          But, what we love most about these doors is their ability to retain warmth within the space. Additionally, it has weather-resistant features that are crucial for outdoor setups.

          It’s these functions without compromising on aesthetics that make it appealing.

          Size Matters

          Another thing to look for in a barrel sauna is the size. You want something that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and space.

          Whether it’s a cosy 2-3 person Salem Cedar Barrel Sauna or a more spacious 6-8 person Princeton Cedar Barrel Sauna setup, consider who will be using it and where it will be placed to make sure it fits just right in your life.

          Whether you envision intimate moments of solitude or cosy gatherings with friends and family, there's a barrel sauna size to suit every need.
          You want to create a space that adapts to your needs while being confident to give an invite from time to time.

            The Extras That Make It Yours

            There’s nothing wrong with factoring in extras into the mix! In fact, we encourage extras!

            Because it's the extra touches that truly personalise your sanctuary of relaxation, transforming it from a simple space into your personal haven of tranquillity.

            Here are complementary extras that Heavenly Saunas offer:

            • Horizontal slat bench design
            • Weather resistant plastic support cradles
            • Glass door
            • Quality stainless steel bands and hinges

            Easy Payment Plans

            Our mantra is - ‘Sauna Now, Pay Later’! If it’s something you can take advantage of, why not?
            Contact the Heavenly Team to chat more about our payment options!

            What the Heavenly Team Say About Barrel Saunas

            The barrel sauna is not only a great looking sauna but one of the most enjoyable ways to have your sauna therapy. We love the design of ours - which has been perfected over 47 years of manufacturing - and when you sit in one - you’ll get it!! The way the heat wraps around you - next level.

            Wrapping Up

            Alright, savvy shopper! We’ve armed you with all you need to know, you’re now more than ready to choose the perfect barrel sauna.

            Take note, you’re not just buying a sauna, you’re investing in your well-being. So, make every detail count!

            Happy sauna hunting!

            Ready to create your own at home well-being haven? Check out our collection of premium hot tubs and ice baths to complement your relaxation oasis!

            Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

            What makes a barrel sauna different from other types of saunas?

            Barrel saunas stand out for their unique rounded shape, which enhances heat circulation for a more even and relaxing sauna experience.

            Why is Western Red Cedar recommended for barrel saunas?

            Western Red Cedar is favoured for its durability, natural resistance to moisture and decay insect repellent (termites do not like it), and beautiful appearance, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor barrel saunas.

            How can I customise my barrel sauna?

            You can personalise your sauna with accessories like sauna buckets, ladles, and LED lights, or even explore special orders for unique features that match your style.

              Are there payment plans available for purchasing a barrel sauna?

              Yes, 'Sauna Now, Pay Later!' options from Heavenly Saunas offer simple and affordable payment plans, allowing you to enjoy your sauna now and manage payments over time for added convenience.

                Sauna Now. Pay Later!

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