25th April 2024

What to Avoid When Buying a Hot Tub: 7 Common Mistakes

A good quality hot tub can be life-changing – we speak from experience! The soothing warmth, the gentle massage of the jets, and the tranquillity of the water can transform anyone’s backyard into a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation.

That said, the journey to finding the perfect hot tub isn’t the easiest, which is why it’s important to be informed before you even begin such a journey.

Buckle up because this guide will tell you what you need to know to avoid the common mistakes that can turn your dream of blissful soaking into a costly nightmare.

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7 Common Mistakes When Buying a Hot Tub

Whether you're a seasoned hot tub enthusiast or a newcomer, here are seven mistakes you should avoid when buying a new hot tub!

1. Ignoring the Material

When it comes to hot tubs, the adage 'you get what you pay for' couldn't be more accurate.

Opting for low-quality materials might save you a few dollars upfront, but it can lead to a host of problems down the track.

In fact, we’ve heard stories from our customers who’ve shared their prior experience with low-quality materials. From leaks and cracks to quicker-than-average deterioration, low-quality material is prone to damage and can rarely stand the test of time.

This is also true for products like the inflatable spa, inflatable hot tub, or inflatable jacuzzi. Also known as a blow up spa or blow up hot tubs, these products can never compare to a real hard tub in terms of durability and longevity.

Luckily, here at Heavenly Saunas, we stock premium quality cedar for our hot tubs. This material is tested and proven to hold up for over 20 years coming from Finland, the home of hot tubs, allowing you to enjoy your tub for a long time.

2. Overlooking Energy Efficiency

It may seem surprising considering today’s eco-conscious climate, but many people don’t bother checking a hot tub’s energy efficiency before buying it. Well, this seemingly minor oversight easily leads to unwelcome surprises when the power bill arrives.

If you want to save money in the long term, look for design features like Heavenly Saunas Hot Tubs are made in Finland where design efficiency is King. They have designed and created tubs that can heat from ambient temperature to 40 degrees within 2-3 hours (more efficient and quicker in the 2 person hot tub). The high quality insulative cover means you have retained heat. These hot tubs are so efficient you can heat the tub in the evening, then put the lid on and hop in first thing the next morning - and it is HOT!! This means that these tubs can stay heated with less need to use your woodfire stove or have it running at full capacity. These are probably the most efficient and heat retaining Hot Tubs in the Australian market - the Finns know how to soak and soak HOT.

3. Forgetting Size and Space Requirements

It’s easy to forget technical stuff when dazzled with a shiny new hot tub. Admittedly, we’ve seen way too many customers forget the size and space requirements of a particular model, only to face challenges related to the same requirements later on.

That’s why we now make sure to remind prospective customers to consider the space they have available. It’s not just for the size of the tub itself, but also the space surrounding the area that might be needed for maintenance, access, and future additions like steps or a cover lifter.
Not to mention, it’s important to consider your purpose for buying a hot tub in the first place.

If you're looking for intimate relaxation, a smaller model like the Original Tiny Dipping Bath might suffice. But if you're envisioning social gatherings or family time, a larger hot tub like the Comfort Steady M will be more fitting.

    4. Neglecting Comfort and Ergonomics

    Another one of the things to avoid when buying a hot tub is the poor ergonomics.

    Hot tubs should be havens of comfort, not causes for discomfort. Make sure you pay close attention to seating arrangements when choosing your tub. Look for seats that are designed to cradle the body comfortably. Also consider the height and depth of the seats to ensure they accommodate all potential users, from tall adults to shorter individuals.

    Another thing to consider is the materials used to line your hot tub. Certain materials can be more comforting to sit in. note is the placement and even spacing of the jets. A good example is the Heavenly Saunas Cedar Hot Tub.

    These tubs are cleverly designed by the Finnish who moved away from stainless steel lined tubs due to the high incident of erosion, if chemicals are used and the superior comfort of the inner lining as well as being more environmentally friendly than stainless steel.

    5. Overlooking Water Filtration and Sanitation Systems

    You wouldn’t want to dip in a dirty tub of water, would you? Maintaining crystal clear and, more importantly, hygienic water is absolutely important, which is why you should always ask about the filtration and sanitation system of your chosen hot tub.

    A good filtration system removes debris and contaminants from the water to keep it clean. Meanwhile, a sanitation system keeps the water safe and free from bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Options include traditional chlorine-based systems, bromine, or more modern alternatives like ozone or even UV light systems.

    Heavenly Saunas come standard with a filter system as an optional use. Water can stay in approximately 2 to 3 months depending on usage with agents such as chlorine tablets, bromide or magnesium salts.

    If running everyday without a filter system or chemicals, the water will need to be changed every 6 to 7 days.

    6. Disregarding Warranty and After-Sales Service

    We know that it can be exciting to purchase a new hot tub, but one mistake that potential buyers make is disregarding warranty and after-sales service. After all, why think about the after-sales when you’re not even through the buying process yet?

    The thing is, making sure that your hot tub comes with a warranty not only protects you against manufacturing defects and unexpected issues but also reflects the manufacturer's confidence in their product.

    Additionally, buying from a company with good after-sales service, such as–dare we say–Heavenly Saunas, will give you much-needed peace of mind. With companies like ours, you can expect prompt and reliable support, from installation to ongoing maintenance.

    7. Falling for Gimmicks and Unnecessary Features

    Last but not least on this list of things to avoid when buying a hot tub: gimmicks and unnecessary features.

    In the world of hot tubs, it's easy to be swayed by flashy gimmicks and features that promise an enhanced experience. However, if there’s one thing we can promise you, it’s this: not one additional feature in this world can make up for a hot tub that fumbles on the essentials.

    So, instead of looking for extra features like built-in sound systems, fancy lighting, and Wi-Fi connectivity that come with a hefty price tag and can be prone to technical issues, look for a hot tub that scores 100 on all the necessary features.

    These features are what contribute to the core function and comfort of your hot tub, such as efficient heating systems, effective insulation, and ergonomic seating. Trust us, it’s these things that will have a more significant impact on your overall satisfaction and the longevity of your investment.

      What we love most about a hot tub

      We LOVE the Finnish design, it’s superb. We have visited our supplier, Kirami,  in the heart of hot tub haven, Finland where we enjoyed watching and learning all about how they make these amazing hot tubs.

      The efficiency of heat and the retention of heat is next level - crazy hot tub. We don’t like to brag (well, maybe we do), but we think these hot tubs are the best in the Australian market.

      If you want to soak HOT - you need to get one of our tubs.

      Final Thoughts

      Don't let the excitement of buying a hot tub cloud your judgment. Now that you know what to avoid when buying a hot tub, always make the time to assess the hot tub you’re planning to buy and you'll be sure to make a decision you won't regret!

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