30th April 2024

Exploring the Science Behind Indoor Saunas: Are They Good for You?

Are indoor saunas good for you? If this isn’t your first time learning about saunas, you’re likely no stranger to finding natural ways to enhance your health and well-being.

And it’s no wonder that saunas are on that list – after all, they offer many physical, mental, and even emotional benefits.

But what is it about indoor saunas exactly that makes them a worthy contender to all the other types of saunas out there?

Let’s find out!

What is an Indoor Sauna?

Before we dive deep into the science behind indoor saunas, it’s probably best to define what it is first and what makes it different from other types.

In its simplest sense, indoor saunas are small rooms designed specifically for sauna usage.

Keep in mind that sauna types can and do often overlap – and indoor saunas are no different.

Most of the time, the term is just used to refer to the space itself. Indoor saunas can have various heating mechanisms.

But whether it's electric or infrared, the core idea of an indoor sauna remains the same - providing an enclosed space where you can relax in its warmth.

    Indoor Saunas

    Indoor Saunas Health Benefits

    So, are indoor saunas good for your health?

    Actually – yes! Traditional Indoor saunas, like other types of saunas, offer holistic benefits, ranging from physical to mental to emotional.

    Let’s explore them in more detail:

      1. Detoxification

      One of the main things that saunas are said to be very good at is detoxification, specifically detoxing via perspiration.

      Officially, it’s called diaphoresis therapy, and it’s being explored as a supplemental solution to illnesses like renal failure. The belief is that allowing the body to excrete toxins through the skin, such as the ones you have in your sweat, can help cleanse it from within.

      Further, a study by Dr Rhonda Patrick, Co-Founder of FindMyFitness, talks extensively about the science behind sauna usage and the impact on overall health and lifespan.

      2. Circulation

      Better circulation can reduce muscle soreness and improve overall cardiovascular health and the temperatures that indoor saunas reach have an impact on how the blood is circulated in your body.

      When your body warms up in an indoor sauna, it also causes your blood vessels to dilate. This enhances circulation and brings about increased delivery of oxygen to the tissues and muscles.

      3. Better Skin

      Indoor saunas have the added benefit of good skin health.

      Regular sauna use is believed to promote a healthy glow and may even help alleviate certain skin conditions. Since the heat opens up the pores and causes sweating, the skin can get purified from within.

      What we do know is that regularly bathing in an indoor sauna can reduce the sebum level in your skin. High sebum levels are major contributors to acne, so take from that what you will.

      4. Weight Loss

      There are also some claims supporting the use of saunas and weight loss. Right now, though, we’d like to point out that sauna bathing is only viewed as a supplementary tool for losing weight rather than a primary method.

      Technically speaking, it’s true. Excessive heat can bring in temporary weight loss due to sweating, although the larger percentage of it is just water weight and this could easily be regained on rehydration.

      However, research does show that persistent use of a sauna might increase metabolic rate slightly. This could be a nice help for keeping one’s weight in check while staying on a good diet and exercise program.

      5. Stress Relief

      There’s no denying that saunas are renowned for stress relief – and it’s backed by science. After all, the physical benefits also come with plenty of mental and emotional ones.

      Saunas provide a tranquil escape from our busy lives. We know for sure that no matter how hectic your life may feel at times, going inside a sauna always feels like a quiet retreat into a safe place where everything is okay.

      It’s like a ritual for self-care – a deliberate pause that signals to our minds and bodies that it's perfectly fine to rest and recharge every now and then.

        Potential Health Risks of Indoor Saunas

        We’ve seen the plethora of health benefits that indoor saunas offer, but of course, it can’t be all good things. While rare, there are a few possible risks you need to keep in mind.


          Dehydration is always the biggest concern when using a sauna.

          When you sweat, you lose fluids in your body. Excessive sweating – like what happens when you’re in an indoor sauna – can also cause excessive fluid loss.

          Depending on how much water you lose, you can become dehydrated. So you should always ensure you take at least 500ml of water (even more) per 15 minutes in a hot indoor sauna.

          This is just an average and you have to monitor your own hydration, just like you would when doing strenuous exercise.
          The best and easiest way to avoid dehydration is drinking plenty of water while taking a sauna and if you have any concerns, always check with your medical practitioner.


          For some hardcore sauna enthusiasts, few things feel better than a good sauna session. In fact, if they could stay in an indoor sauna forever, they probably would.

          Well, a word of caution to those who love a long session in the sauna - extreme heat can be a cause for concern.

          This goes for both the heat of the sun and the heat of your indoor sauna.

          If you’re new to taking saunas, it’s highly recommended that you take it slowly with both heat and the amount of time in a sauna.

          Other Health Considerations

          Apart from overheating and dehydration, you should also consider risks if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

          For example, those with a heart condition, hypertension (high blood pressure), or other illnesses should consult with their medical practitioner to get the all clear to start regular sauna therapy.

          Similarly, pregnant women or small children may also not be able to tolerate a sauna environment.

            What the Heavenly Saunas Team love about an Indoor Sauna

            Having an indoor sauna is soooo good!! If you don’t like going out in the elements, especially in the winter months - then an indoor sauna is for you!

            Also, if you’re tight for space outside and have a little nook that a sauna will fit - the indoor sauna can be a great option.

            Indoor saunas can also get a little hotter due to not having to open the door with colder outdoor temperatures.

            Final Thoughts

            So, are indoor saunas good for you? The simple answer is: yes, they are!

            Physically, they can improve our circulation and alleviate body pains. Emotionally, they can help melt away emotional tensions, leaving us feeling lighter and more at peace. Mentally, they foster the perfect environment for practicing mindfulness.

            If you want to learn more about indoor saunas or saunas in general, visit our Heavenly Saunas blog page.

            You can also check out our range of premium indoor saunas to get a slice of this heaven right in the comfort of your own home!

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