17th May 2024

What is a Wood Burning Stove?

What is a wood burning stove you ask? Well, imagine this.

You’re snuggled up in a blanket, book in hand, with the crackle and pop of firewood in the background. If that scene makes you smile, you know the cosy warmth that only a wood burning stove can offer.

Wood burning stoves are something of an old soul, combining timeless appeal with multifunctional benefits that go beyond just keeping you warm. They're a nod to the traditional way of life while seamlessly fitting into the modern Australian lifestyle.

To start, let's talk about wood-burning stoves – their charm, how they work, and why they’re a perfect choice for a wood fired sauna!

The Basics of Wood-burning Stoves

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty of what a wood-burning stove actually is.

Put simply, it’s a compact, sturdy unit capable of turning simple logs of wood into a steady source of warmth.
How does it work?

It’s all about the art of combustion. You pop in some wood, light it up, and the stove does the rest. Air flows in, feeding the flames and creating a cosy little inferno.

This controlled burn not only heats up the metal or cast iron of the stove but also radiates warmth into your room. It’s efficient, effective, and downright enchanting.

Okay, so what’s this got to do with saunas? Let’s find out!

    Taking the concept of wood-burning warmth further, wood fired saunas offer a luxurious extension that brings the essence of nature into your relaxation routine.

    The heating method and type of wood fired sauna is termed a few ways: wood-fired stove heater, wood burning stove, wood sauna heaters and wood burning saunas.

    All Heavenly Saunas wood fired barrel saunas come with the Harvia M3 wood burning heater.

      What is a Wood Fired Sauna?

      Barrel saunas
      Wood fired saunas
      1. You’ll see that there are Finnish sauna stones on top of the heater. This allows you to sauna in two ways:

        1. A dry sauna, which lacks any added moisture from the stones
        2. A wet sauna, where you sprinkle water onto the heated stones to create a refreshing burst of steam and added humidity.

      A wood fired sauna really does take the concept of warmth and wellness to a whole new level!

        Benefits of Wood Fired Saunas

        The health benefits of saunas alone are well-documented. It’s a holistic approach to wellness, combining the physical with the mental and emotional, in a setting that brings you closer to the elements.

        Further, when it comes to a wood fired sauna, although the aesthetic is next level, they do have other benefits as well.

        Let’s talk about some of the important ones.

          Creating a Warmth Ambiance

          A wood-fired sauna stove introduces not just warmth, but a gentle glow of flames, the soft crackling of wood, and a comforting scent that ties you back to nature.

          The unique combination crafts an environment where every moment is soaked in a magical, homely, and infinitely cosy atmosphere.

            Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness

            Wood-burning stoves stand out for their efficiency. Using wood, a fuel that's both abundant and more affordable than electric or gas options, they provide direct heat output.

            This efficiency means your sauna stays warmer without the hefty price tag, offering a comforting warmth that's also kind to your wallet.

              A Lifestyle Choice

              Taking the efficient ethos further, integrating a wood fired sauna into your lifestyle extends the benefits of wood-burning stoves into leisure and wellness, offering a warm, efficient, and green solution that enhances both your home and health.

                What the Heavenly Sauna Team Say About Wood Fired Saunas

                Well if you want the true authentic Finnish sauna experience - then we think you might love a wood fired sauna. It is next level - absolutely amazing. We have sauna’ed in crazy weather with the woodfire burning and the heat is intense but also it gives a softness to it.

                Also, you can reach amazing temperatures in a wood fired sauna - so if you’re old school and want that next level facture - you may want to consider the wood fired sauna heater!


                  We hope we’ve helped you understand what a wood burning stove is, how it works and specifically, how it works in a wood fired sauna. A wood fired sauna offers the most traditional and luxe way to sauna - it really does give you the ultimate experience.

                  For those curious about bringing a woodfired sauna into their home, discover the Heavenly Saunas range here.

                  And if you’d like any further information our team is on stand-by ready to help so please feel free to call us on (03) 9100 3500.

                  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

                  How efficient are wood-burning stoves compared to other heating options?

                  Wood-burning stoves are highly efficient. They use less wood to produce more heat, making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option.

                  Can I install a wood fired sauna in an urban setting?

                  Absolutely! However, it's important to check local regulations regarding wood stove installations and emissions in your area.

                  How often should I clean my wood burning stove?

                  Wood-burning stoves are Regular cleaning is key to maintaining your stove's efficiency and safety. It's recommended to remove ash after every use and to check and the chimney and stove inspected annually. efficient. They use less wood to produce more heat, making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option.

                  Can I install a wood fired sauna in an urban setting?

                  Absolutely! However, it's important to check local Yes, when installed correctly and maintained regularly, wood-burning stoves are safe to use. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for installation and operation, ensuring proper ventilation and using the correct fuel. regarding wood stove installations and emissions in your area.

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