1st May 2024

What to Wear in a Sauna? Demystifying Sauna Attire

What you wear in a sauna can make or break your experience, whether you’re stepping into a traditional sauna, an infrared, indoor sauna or an outdoor barrel sauna.

It’s a topic that’s often overlooked but is actually oh-so-important if you want to enjoy your sauna to the fullest.

So, what to wear in a sauna? Let’s find out!

What to Wear in a Sauna

When it comes to sauna attire, simplicity and comfort should always be at the top of your priority list. Here are our favourite recommendations – as well as our personal preferences – when enjoying our sauna sessions.


    Believe it or not, a towel designed specifically for saunas can be the way to go. They’re not just great to have when it comes to drying off – they can also serve as a bit of comfort for your derriere when first sitting on the particularly warm seat!


    Swimsuits are great sauna attire for two big reasons: 1) they’re incredibly convenient to wear and 2) they’re designed to cover all the essentials.

    That said, regular swimsuits tend to have spandex or polyester in them, and those materials can be a bit uncomfortable in the moist heat of a wet sauna.

    Look for a looser fitting swimsuit that doesn’t cover your entire body. Ain’t that easy in this day and age!

    If you have a home sauna - hate (or love?) to say it but naked is not a bad option!! It allows you to not feel restricted in the extreme heat and it really is the ultimate sauna experience.

    They sauna naked in Finland!

    Loose-Fitting Clothes

    There’s some debate as to whether tight-fitting or loose-fitting clothes are better for sauna sessions, but personally, we’re inclined to gravitate towards neither.

    Tight-fitting clothes can stick to your body uncomfortably when you’re sweating, and who wants that, right? Additionally, heavy fabrics can trap heat and moisture, potentially making the whole experience feel icky instead of relaxing.

    On the other hand, loose-fitting clothes like lightweight swim shorts and oversized t-shirts can be more breathable and easier to move around in when you’re sweating buckets, but that said, there’s still that little bit of loose fabric that may get annoying. Or may not, it’s a personal preference!

      Barrel Sauna Melbourne

      Things to Consider Depending on the Sauna Type

      Although we’ve discussed the basics of sauna wear, you do also need to factor in the type of sauna when choosing your sauna attire.

        Barrel Sauna Attire

        These cylindrical barrel saunas are, of course, our sauna favourite - the unique shape makes the heat distribute in a circular motion - making it super hot with an even heat experience.

        We recommend going for something minimalist here, like a swimsuit, a sauna towel or maybe nothing (if your sauna is at home!). Bulky clothes can limit your movements, which can take away from the experience.

        Wood-Fired Sauna Attire

        If it’s heat you want, it’s heat you’ll get with a wood-fired sauna. It’s traditional and rustic, which a lot of sauna enthusiasts love.

        Just like an electric sauna stove, the heating of a wood-fired sauna also means that you will get nice and hot. That’s why lightweight and breathable clothing or swimwear are our personal picks when we’re enjoying our wood-fired saunas.

          Benefits of Wearing Proper Attire in a Sauna

          You might be wondering, why is it important to wear the proper sauna attire anyway? Here we’ll discuss two primary reasons - comfort, and most importantly, safety. We’ll also touch on hygiene which may surprise you.

            1. Comfort

            Wearing the right attire in a sauna is all about feeling good about the whole experience. Nobody wants to be forced to stay in soggy clothes, which can happen when you wear the wrong thing to a sauna.

            Not to mention, did you know that the fabric material of your clothes is scientifically proven to affect your body temperature?

            This principle is called thermophysiological comfort. The poor heat and moisture transfer of some fabric types can lead to heat strain in warm conditions – like a sauna environment, for example.

            Sitting on a sauna towel is nice sauna etiquette and let the sauna heat do the rest!!

            2. Safety

            Most importantly, your choice of what to wear in a sauna can also affect your safety. The right clothes help minimise the risk of overheating and dehydration, which can be serious health risks.

            It also reduces your chances of accidentally tripping or getting your clothes caught on sauna equipment. Admittedly, it’s a small risk, but a risk we don’t want you to unnecessarily take nonetheless.

            3. Hygiene

            Saunas can get really hot and really sweaty really fast. This is especially true if you’re using a sauna built for multiple people, like our 8-person Lewisburg Woodfired Barrel Sauna or our 6-person Bridgeport Indoor Sauna.

            All the sweat can make people think the worst like sweat on equipment at the gym.
            However, you’d be surprised to learn that when it comes to sauna hygiene it’s actually easy to maintain and manage due to the high temperature. High temperatures kill germs.

            You can give your sauna a light natural clean with a mild solution of bicarb and warm water but that’s generally all that’s needed to keep your sauna hygienic and clean for use.

              • Avoid wearing jewellery or metal accessories. Metals have a tendency to heat up quickly. This can lead to discomfort or even burns.

              • Use dedicated sauna shoes. It doesn’t have to be marketed as a pair of “sauna shoes” per se. What we mean is, if you prefer to wear footwear, don’t use your regular footwear for your sauna session. It’s best to go bare footed or buy a breathable pair of shower sandals or slippers.

              • Contact lenses: We recommend taking out your contact lenses. You’ll sweat a lot in the high temperature so it’s best to avoid sweat getting in behind the lenses and causing an infection.

              • Metal water bottles: Although we highly recommend taking a supply of water into the sauna, like jewellery, a metal water bottle will heat up and be super hot to touch. A solid plastic reusable water bottle is recommended.

              Additional Tips for Sauna Attire

              Here are a few more tips that can make a difference in your sauna experience:

              What the Heavenly Sauna’s Team Wear in a Sauna

              We love to sauna in our casual loose bathing suits and we do love rockin’ a sauna towel. And sometimes YES we sauna Finnish style!!

              Final Thoughts

              We hope you know now what to wear in a sauna! From towels to swimsuits to loose-fitting clothing, you’ve got a whole range of options to suit your own style and preferences.

              For high-quality saunas, check out our line of premium saunas here at Heavenly Saunas.

              Treat yourself to the luxury of a sauna today and create a sanctuary of relaxation right in the comfort of your own home!

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